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morning it has been one week since the boston marathon bombing. the one minute attribute will take place at 11:50 a.m. west coast time. in just a few hours a private funeral will be held in the boston suburb. this is video of last week's wake in massachusetts town of medford. look at line around the block. the manager was one of three people killed in the bombings. the surviving bombing suspect remains in serious condition at a boston hospital. dzhokhar tsarnaev could be charged today. the 19-year-old has been able to answer some questions in writing but a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his neck has made it difficult for him to speak. now there are still plenty of unanswered questions but the
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fbi believes the 19-year-old and his brother were ready to carry out more terrorists attacks. >> we have reason to believe based upon the evidence that was found at that scene, the explosions, the explosionive ordnance that was unfired and the fire power they had that they were going to attack other people. >> the darker image is tsarnaev hiding beneath a plastic tarp on a boat in the backyard in watertown. at some point you see some kind of explosion there. that is one of the flash bang di vices used to disorient the suspect. federal agents hope to speak today to the widow of suspected boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. they went to the home where kathryn tsarnaev had been
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staying. she refused to speak to the agents at the advice of her lawyer. that interview could take place sometime today. her husband was the suspect that was killed during the shootout with police. now our coverage of the boston bombings continues in just about ten minutes. coming up at 4:42 we'll have a live report from boston where federal prosecutors are reviewing evidence from the surviving suspect. don't forget stay with us throughout the morning but for my time of day for the boston bombings you can go to our website where we have a special section with more details. police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex south of seattle that left five people dead. when police arrived at the complex, they found two injured men on the ground. police say they shot one of the men after he reached for a gun. later police also found three other shooting victims were found inside the complex. police says it appears the shooting happened after a fight. today could be the real
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test of the effect of the sequester of arteriale. tara moriarty is live at sfo with information on possible delays of furloughs and furloughs of air traffic control. >> reporter: give us an indicator of how the furloughs limb pact travel. the delays could be up to hours in some of the major hubs like atlanta and new york. because of the sequester cuts all traffic controllers must take one day off every two weeks. that means most towers will lose one controller every day, maybe more. we spoke to a passenger at san jose airport. they said they were considered about safety. the restaurant owner says it's better to have fewer controllers than none at all. >> they will have to step it up and work with the skeleton crew like a lot of people do. the tower is not going to shut so we are not imposing a danger
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to the pilots. >> reporter: yesterday sfo and ma theta reported no problems but oakland experienced some delays. sources inside the air traffic control tower said four workers were furloughed yesterday. meanwhile 100 contract towers in small airports across the country are scheduled to shut down in june. we'll tell you what airline and pilot organizations are planning to do with these. live from sfo i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. over night in afghanistan the taliban has taken nine people hostage after a helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing. eight of thhostages are turkish and the pilot is from afghanistan. it's believe he made the emergency landing because of bad weather but landed in an insurgent controlled area. this morning we are hearing the 911 calls placed after the deadly explosion at a
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fertilizer plant in west texas. at least 14 people were killed in last wednesday's explosion and 200 others were injured. ten of those killed were first responders. >> some kind of big explosion and our house all the windows are completely blown in. >> about 200 people evacuated after the explosions they were allowed to return home over the weekend. they face strict cur pays and have limited water and electricity. in southern california a brush fire that forced neighborhood evacuations is almost out. that fire is burning east of los angeles. it's now about 85% contained. it started on saturday at one point threatened 400 homes. yesterday all the evacuation orders were lifted. no one was hurt, no buildings have been damaged and firefighters do think the fire was started by a weed trimmer.
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time now is 4:35. a southern california raceway is shut down. the 21-year-old woman was killed when the driver of the car lost control and hit a concrete barrier. meanwhile the driver was air lifted to a nearby hospital with major injuries. meantime this comes as a deadly crash after a raceway in marysville is ruled an accidental death. they were killed on march 16th when a race car core recented off the track and into the pit area. they did not turn up any ed of mechanical problems. a growing homeless camp in san jose may be clear. the sweep will happen in a few hours. as many as 175 people are living in the camp.
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we have been told they have been warned about today's sweep. today is earth day. the first earth day back on april 22nd, 1970 is is credited with starting the environmental protection agency. now more than 40 years later earth day is observed by 180 countries around the world. and in honor of earth day, a group of sam tran employees will clean up trash at three bus stops. at 7:30 a.m. they will be at the bus stop at mission and daly city. and at 9:00 they will clean up the bus stop in san bruno. finally they will finish up at the redwood city transit center. >> very nice. kind of a reminder to pick up an area around you and clean it up. >> not a bad idea there pam and happy monday to you and brian. here we are.
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the traffic is doing pretty well. maybe for some people in honor of earth day will take public transportation. the trains on bart are moving on time. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. it should be a nice drive heading out to the mccarthur maze and to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light there. it's a nice light drive all the way across into san francisco. if you are driving in the south bay, there is northbound 280 right through downtown san jose the traffic moves well. there goes cal train. at great way to get to work this morning cal train starting off okay. >> we always like that, sal. we love it when the cal train goes by. clear skies. warm, warm, warm. some of you may think it's hot, for april it is. fog is coming down and the coast and fog is coming up the coast. today we will be close to record stetting serr tour. the record for santa rosa is 90
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going 85. san rafael 86. it will be close. oakland 85 again it will be close and san jose as well. i think we will fall just short unless a really significant easterly wind kicks in. high pressure definitely giving us above average temps. it will be sunny skies warm to hot. the coast can get late sea breeze. but it will be sunny and warm for everybody today. upper 80s to near 90 inland. a lot of 70s by the coast. already in the 50s right now. a couple upper 40s here and the wind is kind of variable. i mean there is a little bit of a westerly breeze at sfo. we will keep an eye on that. see if that picks up a little bit later. right now it doesn't look like it will. 61 sacramento. so there is very warm air in place. high pressure is here but change is brewing for late tonight more likely tomorrow. sunny and warm. warm to hot inland. late sea breeze by the coast. i think it will come down a little bit but not before a
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very warm toasty day. a lot of 80s. and temperatures way above average for this time of year. for instance concord should be about 72 they are 86. fog will be on the increase tuesday. 2340 doubt about it wednesday into thursday. weekend at this time looks good. just a little warm. >> thank you, steve. time is 4:39. coming up we will take you live to boston and our continuing coverage of the bombings. a dozen peninsula cities say goodbye to plastic bags. what happens if you show up to the store without any reusable bags. and you may have seen gas prices drop in recent days. set a sign of things to come or will it get worse? good morning. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge any time soon, it should be a nice drive over to the peninsula. more traffic and weather straight ahead. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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welcome back. we have continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings. charges are coming soon against
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the surviving suspect. investigators think the brothers were preparing to carry out more attacks. terry dunn man has -- tori has been in boston all weekend. >> reporter: pam and brian we are told the suspect is still here at the hospital. his condition continues to be serious. elsewhere in boston city officials are implementing a five-stage process to reopen boylston street and also copley square where the bombings took place. they are trying to do so with as much respect as possible for the victims. people waited in line for hours sunday evening to pay their respects to the family of crystal campbell. >> everybody is coming together to make sure the family is doing well. >> reporter: the 29-year-old was one of three killed last week in the boston marathon bombings. this will likely be a week marked with tears as families say goodbye to the victims. >> i hope god will give them a
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lot of strength. >> reporter: at the same time authorities are forging ahead with their investigation. they want to know what the motive was for the deadly attack. the person with the most questions to answer is 19-year- old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he remains hospitalized with serious injuries including a gunshot wound to the neck. >> it's hard to say how he received that shooting. >> reporter: his older brother tamerlan tsarnaev also wanted by the fbi in connection with the bombings died friday morning after a shootout with police. authorities say the brothers may have been plan another attack. >> i told the city of boston they can rest easily. the two people that planned these attacks are dead or arrested. >> reporter: the threat may be over but the grieving and healing have only just begun. pam and brian it has been one week since the boston marathon bombings so this afternoon the
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governor and mayor have asked for a moment of silence at 2:50. after that bells will be ringing here in the region to honor those that have lost their lives but also those that are still recovering in the hospital. there are 54 of the victims still in area hospitals and three of them are in critical condition. >> tori, i know that the city of boston is still continuing to move forward from this. in terms of the victims who lost loved one, are there plans for any funeral services at this point? >> reporter: there are. and really this will be a tough week ahead for family members and loved ones of the victims. later on today there is a memorial service for crystal campbell. she of course is one of the victims who lost her life and that will be taking place in massachusetts in a suburb outside of boston. also happening today at boston university students are coming together to remember lindsey lu who also lost her life. tough day ahead and tough week
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ahead. >> thank you. meantime runners at the london marathon paid attribute to the boston bombing victims. and runners in the north bay plan to do the same. more detls on the events being planned in marin. police in hayward are looking for witnesses to the city's second deadly shooting this year. a man was shot outside of a home on saturday night. the 26-year-old victim has since died. he passed away yesterday morning at the eden medical center. starting today most city's in san mateo county are joining the ban on plastic bags. you need to bring your own reusable bags. including pacifica, redwood city, and menlo park. if you forget you will be charged ten cents per paper bag. >> it's good for the environment. we don't have the waste in the
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landfills and also harmful to animals. >> people have to pay attention to it. if you live in a place where they want you to bring your own bags, then do it. i think it's great. >> grocery stores are still able to provide plastic bags for produce and farm sis can still attribute small bags to hold prescription medications. gas prices continue to slip across the country. here in the bay area as well. analysts say they could be even lower by the memorial day weekend. san francisco has the high spriests in the continental u.s. averaging $4.06 a gallon. around the rest of the bay gas is about 12 cents cheaper. that is down three cents a gallon in the last week. analysts say we could pay 20 cents less by the end of next month. >> let's hope so. >> remember when gas used to be 99 cents or $1 .99 a gallon. i remember those days. >> i just look at the total, sal. of how much it costs. >> it's kind of high.
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good morning, everybody. the traffic is doing pretty well if you want to save gas mileage. right now would be a good time to be on the road. we are doing pretty well out there. 80 westbound looks pretty good getting out to the mccarthur maze. when you try to get across into san francisco you will see a nice looking drive into the city with no major problems. also san jose 280 north and southbound the traffic continues to look very nice throughout the south bay. 4:48 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. after am sunny and warm weekend. after a sunny and warm weekend. so far lows are starting off a little warmer. near record highs today would be easy to go past the forecasted values. i think it will be close and just shy. still lots of 80s inland. we need 90s to really get the records. fog is coming down the coast. a lot of fog coming up the coast. and that will play into our forecast. maybe if not later today then
4:50 am
certainly tomorrow. high pressure is large and in charge. not only aloft but at the surface. we still get enough of an easterly push to give us no fog. the water temps are unbelievably cold. 49 outside the folden gate. and 49 degrees off of half-moon bay. it wouldn't take much. 50s for many. few upper 40s. the wind is variable. it's not that strong offshore. it's not at oakland. it's west, southwests at sfo. keep an eye on that. if it collapses all bets are off. 30s, 40s, and 50s to 60s in northern california. it's a really mild pattern. everything stays to the north. a little low will work its way into central california by midweek. sunny and warm. 80s to near 90 degrees. antioch in there. and average high this time of year is about 72-73. we are way above 82 fremont.
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88 livermore. 80 santa cruz. cool donatussin pretty significant down wednesday and thursday. it looks like acquitted near average temps. >> steve, thank you very much. the warriors first playoff game it was a heartbreaker but adding to the sting which player won't be joining them for the post season. the efforts to save a movie theater before it's torn down.
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good morning. no fog yet. it's very mild inland. it might be a little cooler by the coast but not before warm conditions inland. possible records today. but i think we fall just shy. many people living along the mississippi river are bracing for more rain. that is after disastrous springtime flooding that has already caused three deaths. this morning emergency crews are frantically working to hold back the flood waters that have caused huge problems in several states and there is still until word on when the section of the mississippi river will reopen. that is after barges hit a railroad bridge about 30 barges broke free. time now is 4:53. it looks like the end of an era for a contra costa county movie
4:54 am
mark. they were encouraged to sign a petition to save the theater. supporters of the dome hope the city council will reverse the planning commission's approval to tear down the building. >> i hope they would think this through again. >> i figured it's a shame everything that was new that we grew up with is being torn down. >> the city council meets on may 6th but the demolition permit has already been issued. so the dome could be torn down before the end of this month to make room for a sporting goods store. lee tore his hip flexor when he fell. mri exam yesterday confirmed lee suffered a complete tear of his right hip flexor. he will be out for the remainder of the playoffs. the warriors also won game one. game two is tomorrow in denver. managers have learned
4:55 am
special life saving skills. they were trained to perform cpr and used a defibrillator yesterday in response to an incident last weekend. that is when a player went into cardiac arrest. the league has a defibrillator on hand just in case. which is a good thing. getting closer to 5:00. let's take a look at the traffic with sal. >> there is a car in the center divider and a couple of other cars involved. westbound 580 coming off the altamont pass. let's take a look at the rest of the commute. it looks pretty good on interstate 880 right near the coliseum. it's a nice drive with no major problems. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge. it's a very nice drive over to the high-rise and over to 101. and speaking of 101, when you get there 101 and 280 are doing well on the peninsula. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have a lot of 50s here.
4:56 am
not much of a breeze. as that holds, then things will change a little bit. still napa getting more of an easterly breeze. but not at oakland, santa rosa, or sfo. let's keep an eye on it. inland gets a little bit of that offshore breeze. but closer to the coast probably a little bit of an on shore. there is a lot of fog coming down the coast. 30s and 40s and 50s. and 60 in sacramento. 33 up in tahoe. high pressure wind out today. possible record highs. it will be close. warm to hot inland. a late sea breeze by the coast. the water temps are just incredibly cold. 70s for some but a lot of 80s. so way, way above average for this time of year. fog will be back tuesday. and it will be back in a big way wednesday and thursday. it looks like we leveled off. coming up on 5:00 and the surviving boston bombing suspect is beginning to communicate to investigators
4:57 am
and there is a fierce political battle over exactly how to question him. heads up to air travelers. something you should know. and if you are driving on the golden gate bridge right now, traffic is looking good a z you head south to the toll plaza. no major problems. we'll have more traffic and weather for you coming up.
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good morning it has been one week since the boston bombings. we are live at sfo where less air traffic controllers will be on the clock today. also the plastic bag ban. today several more bay area cities jump on the band wagon. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning april 22nd earth day i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. first we do to steve paulson. good morning. >> hello. how are

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